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How to Love One Another in a Loveless World

It seems we may be heading into an economic rescission the likes of which the world has never seen. Soon many of us may be only weeks away from the painful and desperate existence of the person in the above image. In Liverpool 95% of intensive care hospital beds are now again filled with people who have COVID 19. The UK government have withdrawn financial support from many, whilst putting those same people under a near similar lockdown as in March. The situation is desperate and we're only at the start of this second spike. The implications on a global level are genuinely chilling. Some voices will say this is scaremongering. I wish it was. But the evidence is there for all to see. I'll here quickly grab a few quick comments from Facebook to reiterate the situation.

If you believed what the government told us and what we see on the news, then you would think the situation we find ourselves in is a run of incredibly bad luck. It isn't, all of it was preventable. We're the seventh wealthiest nation on the planet. We had the infrastructure and resources to deal with this. The Government chose to see it as a money making opportunity for themselves and their mates. Here's some more words from author Owen Jones.

"We all made a huge sacrifice during the first lockdown to protect the NHS and save lives. People's living standards were trashed, jobs destroyed, the economy decimated. And the government could have used that time to have a properly functioning testing system.

Instead they've taken us back to square one with mass death and more economic devastation.

This is the biggest crime of our lifetimes."

In the face of such evidence it seems we only have each other to rely on and try to get through this. So, completely off the top of my head, 10 quick steps towards how we can look out for each other. Go out there and come up with your own. Trust me the Government cares not one bit about whether you or those close to you live or die.

  1. Share information like this. Get the truth out as far and wide as possible.

  2. If you see a homeless person you don't have to give them money to make their day. Ask them their name. Let them know you can see them. Let them know they haven't been forgotten or ignored. It will mean everything to them.

  3. Clapping for the NHS achieves nothing. Question always why parts of it are being sold off to the likes of Dominic Cummings and Richard Branson. The answer to that question is easy. Do you really want those types lining their pockets with our public money and investment? No, I didn't think so. Make a noise about it.

  4. Elderly people are very scared right now. We will all be in their situation one day. Don't look on them as elderly, see them as you see yourself. A fan of rock music, techno, lover of a party, company and new adventures. We never really change that much, despite how we look on the outside. Don't let your selfishness end their lives prematurely. Each and every one of us want to stay stuck in this world for as long as we possibly can.

  5. If you want to support artists simply like and share stuff like this blog. It will mean as much to them as anything else they do. If its all we can get right now, we'll happily take it. We understand many are in the same boat as us.

  6. We're all losing contact with each other. Find ways to connect. Make the time. I'm Scottish, so telling a loved one you do indeed love them feels a tad weird, and may be a sign I have become English. Get over that. It gets easier after you've done it a couple of times.

  7. Respect opposing opinions, but respecting them never means you have to succumb and agree with them. If someone demands you do, revert back to type and tell them to fuck off.

  8. Make time to go for a walk. It's simple. But while you're out there be present in that moment. Something as simple as looking at all the different types of front door everybody has will help you connect to the fact that someone lives behind them. Who are they? How are they getting on? Maybe they're in an even tougher situation than you. Maybe they're not. Maybe they can help and be useful.

  9. Spend less time scrolling through your phone. It's good to keep connected but is that really why you're constantly drawn to it.

  10. Look out for stuff that makes you laugh or smile.

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