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Consume...A Poem

This is a rewrite of something. Decided to enter a poetry slam so will open with this. A long time ago a woman called Thatcher decided we were no longer citizens we were consumers. The free market became the last word. I think we’re all getting pretty fed up with such philosophies.

I want I want I want it all Work buy get paid Hoping to get laid Give me more stuff As I work rest and get played For that new phone Over glass I would crawl It’s only ever Adidas Who get to kick at my balls Gas coal black oil The planet burns The planet boils Are we gonna screw it Nike says Just Do It If there is shit Then we’re shovelling it But we care not a bit McDonalds says we’re loving it Consume erode deplete We’re not pioneers we’re sheep I need I need I need Everything G String nose ring Grabbing at the gold and bling Only drink that brand Because It’s The Real Thing Eat drink Piss in the sink Work hard play hard For everything else there’s MasterCard Royal variety There’s no society That’s the word of Thatcher A nation full of bastards Consumed by liars be the biggest buyer Tower block in London Consumed by fire Put a price on everything Greed is good no more a sin I have I have I have All the best stuff I bet he drinks Carling Cos he looks kinda rough Consume deplete Live in compliance This the rot The Appliance Of Science It’s a fairly safe bet This is the worst a man can get Advertising hoods Finger lickin good My health fuck it Eat shit by the bucket This credit card’s a git Don’t leave home without it We’re ravers and cravers We’re masters and slavers Lost sight of ourselves Should have gone to Spec Savers Does this fit that bit Cashmere fine knit Close pit job quit Because we’re worth shit

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