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A Final Thought (or two) On 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As we get to the end of the most tumultuous of years I thought I'd re-share as a blog some of the thoughts on this year I've popped on social media....

POSITIVE VIBES. (Some closure at Christmas)

"It's been a year and then some. At the start of all this I chatted with a friend who battles a severe mental health condition (as I have in the past). I remarked that maybe folk like me and her were better equipped to deal with what was unfolding as we were both used to our worlds turning upside down. As we get to the end of the year it seems there may have been something in that. However, I know that hasn't been the case for all. From close family to unknown Facebook acquaintances I've witnessed folk go through some proper trials. If there's one huge positive we can take from all of this, it is that the situation has made us all much more empathetic. We all now know what it is to be pushed into a difficult situation, and we are much more aware of others and their plight. Yes there are people who will always go out their way to try and make you miserable. Pity them. they're twats. And definitely stop voting for them. I feel very lucky at the end of this year. I have options open to me for the future and coming years. Huge thanks to my wife Lesley for holding the fort along with me. So, please do have the best festive period you can manage considering the times. Live long and prosper. Be excellent to one another. May the force be with you, both now and forever. Amen. x

Have a great Christmas everyone. x"


If there's one thing 2020 has truly highlighted it's that those of us at the lower end of the class scale are the ones who are impacted on the most. Here's a quick thought as to why....

"Was having a chat with a friend about protected identities within the arts and how they are supported. Things that are given noticed support include race, gender, religion, sexuality and disability.

I'm trying to launch a thing of my own about class, "But its not a protected identity" my friend points out. I wasn't quite sure how to point out the importance of it at the time...So here goes.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the wealthiest man on the planet. A huge part of his wealth comes from employing millions on a global level. Those millions have some of the worst wages and working conditions in relation to what he can get away with in the country they are working in. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality or disability they are all equally exploited. They have one thing in common. The majority are all working class. When it comes to life chances and exploitation Bezos doesn't have to care about protected identities. .. because being able to exploit the working class trumps everything."


Some thoughts on media and our despicable government...

"The establishment/government are essentially the ancestors of the most successful thieves and murderers from past society. Who surrounded themselves with cowards and sycophants to support them in their psychopathic endeavours. So when you say Boris and co are doing everything they possibly can, you're absolutely right. But that doesn't involve looking out for us. It's all about keeping up with the family tradition of looting and murder. Have a great week everyone."

"Feels like I'm living in North Korea at times. Every day BBC News tells us, "The new variant of the Virus is putting increased pressure on our hospitals. " It's fuck all to do with a new variant, and everything to do with how badly the Government is dealing with things. FFS X 10."


I think we've all been forming many of these over this year...

"New and improved. Spreads easier. Even when straight out of the fridge. I can't believe its not Corona Virus!"

ARGUMENT: "But what about Sweden eh? Answer me that one!"

HUBRIS. "Definition: Hubris is the characteristic of excessive confidence or arrogance. Which leads a person to believe that he or she may do no wrong. The overwhelming pride caused by hubris is often considered a flaw in character.

So that will be that then. X"

"If you're concerned about the vaccine stop referring to Big Pharmacy as Big Pharmacy. Call it Funky Jabs and Tabs. It's much less sinister and all your worries will dissolve like aspirins."

"Cameras on every street, GPS chips in every phone, cameras in your PC monitor where strangers can watch you, satellites that can view you from SPACE...but they're gonna put a microchip in a vaccine so they can monitor us."

"Never mind microchipping us with the vaccine. Can you put something in it that causes my nose to Beep as I get closer to wherever I laid my glasses."

"Trump has lost! This is going to be a Concession speech that will out do even Father Ted. I reckon they'll have to tape him to a Hannibal Lecter trolley and wheel him out to say it."

"A fortnight later is Operation Moonshot still a thing?"

"I'll give them one thing...If your self employed, This is the scariest Halloween ever."


"Laura Kuntsberg on the news trying to make it look like Boris has had it right all along. I hope her next shit has antlers."

"I think Test and Trace was a raver couple Boris scored coke off in the 90s."

A Day in the Life of a Tory MP.

1. Wake up, masturbate into the flag of a foreign nation. 2. Switch on news, punch the air, more working class people are going to die. 3. Look at bank account, mastrurbate again into one of the staff, have some class A drugs. 4. Head to work. Walk past homeless person waving a wad of cash and laughing hysterically. 5. Arrive at work. Sit in the chamber and make baboon noises as the opposition pleads for some human empathy. 6. Lunch . Masturbate into a copy of the declaration of human rights. Time for some more class A's. 7. Back into the chamber vote against giving food to starving children. Couple more baboon noises when you win vote. 8. Visit prostitute/rent boy. Haggle for lower rate. Shit on sex worker. Leave no tip. 9 . Kill a fox. 10. Time for bed. Still time to seal the deal on your new PPE company. Transfer 100 million of public money into bank account. Masturbate while praying to a shrine of Churchill/Thatcher.

"As soon as we as a species started electing the likes of Trump and Johnson as our leaders it should have been a massive indicator that we should no longer be allowed genitals. Something in nature should have made everything heal up or drop off and power automatically handed over to the dolphins."

"I was on zoom with a bunch of arts and crafts folk last night. They've all had a go on the governments retraining app. They put their details into it. They all got told they should get a job in the arts. Id say unbelievable but its not. Its totally believable. I wonder how much that cost us."

"The arts are one of the few places working class voices can be heard and fully represented. Where ordinary people tell entertaining stories about people just like them. The Tories strip its assets and try to silence these voices with every turn they take. They don't like the fact the arts does this. If you want to keep enjoying films music, comedy and visual art that means something to you, because its about you, fight this government. I'm not going to ask you to support the arts. You already do that and you have my word we're forever grateful for the investment you make in us. So again focus your attention on fighting for us by fighting this government. Thank you."

"Trumps and Boris's Covid was like the Loch Ness Monster. We all wish it was real...but..."

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (DEAFENING SILENCE)

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (DEAFENING SILENCE)

If you're happy and you know it and you really want show it. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. (IN THE DISTANCE THE SOUND OF TWO MONGREL DOGS FIGHTING)"

"Sober October will be getting hoofed right up the chufter by an entire planet this year."

"I've changed my profile picture to red. This it to remind you that we should be painting the walls with the blood of this current government. Do that and I'm pretty sure the arts and everything else will start to get better really quick."

MUM. This chairs really squeaking. I need to get some UB40.

ME. Hahahahahahaha....

MUM . What. That's what it is.

ME. Its WD40.

MUM. Oh that will be why they never had any at the shop.

ME. Hahahahahahahaha...


"Hi there! I'm a random person on Facebook. If you want the FACTS about Covid 19 just hit me up. (I also know the results of the upcoming Presidential elections)"

"So I must admit during this 5 months of Lockdown I've done a lot more masturbating. Especially when Boris had the Virus."


Ground control to captain Tom.

Drink your protein shake

And put your medals on

Ground control to Captain Tom

Commencing lock down

Netflix on

Check your mission

And may the squads love be with you

This is ground control to captain Tom

You've easy beat Band aid

And the papers want to know who cuts your hair

Now it's time to leave the garden if you dare.

This is Captain Tom to ground control

I'm schlepping across the floor

And I'm walking in the most peculiar way

And my Zimmer from the path it shall not stray

For here am I sitting on a bed pan

As a virus got the world

Planet earth has flu

And there's nothing we can do.

Though I've wandered further than a mile

I'm treating it like drill

And I think the clip of this government goes to show

They don't really love the NHS


Ground control to Captain Tom your hearing aid's dead

there's something wrong

Can you hear me captain Tom (What's that son)

Can you hear me captain Tom (You'll have to speak up)

Can you hear me captain Tom (two sugars please)

For here am I sitting on a bed pan

As a virus got the world

Planet earth has flu

And there's nothing we can do.


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