Youth Theatre

John has worked happily for over a decade with Newcastle's Live Theatre and their Youth Theatre programme.  His writing and performing workshops for Live have primarily focused around the art of creating Stand Up Comedy. But we like to think they also contribute to developing confidence, creativity, teamwork and a can do attitude. Over the years he has worked with 11 to 21 year old members of the service. A couple of his students have even gone on to develop full time careers in the UK comedy industry.   

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Samantha Bell. Actor. 

"I have been working with John for the past 6 weeks doing stand-up comedy workshops and I have absolutely loved them! I am convinced he is some sort of comedy magician. He takes my subpar jokes and sprinkles them with comedy glitter. I am not a comedian, but since working with John I feel a lot more confident in writing and telling jokes. I now understand how jokes work and what goes in to creating them. Thanks to the sessions I have written my own comedy set and have had an incredible amount of fun. I would recommend John's workshops to anyone who wants to get into comedy, I know I will be signing up for more sessions as soon as I can."


Paul McDougal. Writer.  

"John's brilliant! He crafts comedy from nothing. Dunces like me look at words on a page and think 'how am I ever gonna make this funny?' But John looks at the same words and sees endless possibilities for comedy. He'll make you laugh, he'll make you funnier and he'll make you wish you'd done this years ago. But more than that, he'll make you want to be a stand-up comedian. He's a pure genius and he sees the potential for comedy in everything."


Margaret Pinder. Educator, Writer and Presenter    

"I’ve been involved in workshops throughout my professional life both as a presenter and a participant. I thoroughly recommend John. He has terrific presence and warmth, real expertise coupled with superb people skills, and a natural gift for drawing out the best in everyone he works with."

Louise Young. Comedian. 

"John is a fantastic teacher, really enthusiastic and transfers this to the room. He is super encouraging and creates a brilliant atmosphere to create in and try things out."  

TESTIMONIALS. Estelle Anderson 

(Live Theatre Youth Theatre) 

"I really discovered a passion when I did John’s stand-up comedy course! Every class was fun & different  & with his teaching we all improved really quickly. John was super supportive and helped me get actual gigs when I was ready. He even came along to support me on the night!"


Kath & Neil Anderson (Parents)  

It’s no exaggeration to say that John Scott’s stand-up comedy course was transformative for our then 13-year-old daughter. Working with John lit up her self-confidence & motivation as well as her ability to work supportively with other young people. John’s course was a springboard for her comedy (she went on to win a newcomer’s award) but its legacy goes far beyond what happens on stage. What really stood out for us was John’s wholly un-patronising approach to helping the young people find their own voice and have the confidence to use it. Special stuff. 

Reece Lumsden (Youth Theatre) 

"John Scott is a legend. Honestly, his ability to craft sessions that both teach and are fun is brilliant. What seems to start as a fun exercise about random word associations turns into this beautiful dive into the comedy of the world. One exercise I remember was when we sat outside and just took in the world, and doing this opened up so many ideas, conversations and memories that could be used in stand up. Or maybe he just wanted a smoke break. Who knows"

Recovery Collage

Mental Health Services

Recovery College provides a peer led, peer delivered mental health education and support service where people can learn from each other's insights, skills and lived experience.

John has his own lived experience with mental health and knows fully the benefits of using art and education as an outlet for these issues. 

John is hoping to soon secure funding to explore a variety of theatrical methods to get the voices of those with mental health issues, or those connected to the area, up on the stage. He also plans to launch a new Blog with the help of RE-CO-CO titled "Different Minds". This will act as a platform and voice for those affected or involved in mental health and hopefully become a fundraising device also.   

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Chris Barras, Newcastle College

As part of our Industry Week in October 2020, John held a Stand-Up Comedy Workshop via Zoom for my Level Three Performing Arts Students and Newcastle College. The workshop was a huge hit with our learners – collectively, we all have never laughed so much as a group. My learners were fully engaged in the process, and with the excellent examples of comedy provided, they all had the chance to create their own pieces and perform them to their peers and this was hugely successful. Post workshop feedback from my learners was fantastic with many asking when I will be inviting John back. We hope to get John back on a regular basis because Stand-Up Comedy is something new for our learners to try.

TESTIMONIAL . Alisdair Cameron, Director Recovery College. 


 "John Scott is a very funny man. Just as importantly for us, he's someone who relates to our service users and can use his hard-won personal insights on mental health to deliver workshops of real value. People felt accepted for who they are, gained confidence, learned an awful about comedy, writing, and performing and had a damned good time along the way. We couldn't have asked for more and we highly recommend him, as a comedian, as a facilitator, and as a person." 

         Workshop Facilitator