John Scott Freelance Writer


Big Ben Tower | Tower to the People


A new solo theatre work. 


Towers is the first full length solo theatre work written and performed by John Scott. A piece that uses multiple characters, image and text to examines social injustice. We are taken from where we were in the past to where we are now. Eventually, landing right in the heart of the Global Pandemic. Has anything changed? Have things got even worse?
Towers uses straight drama, stand-up comedy and biography to hold those that should be held accountable to account.

Reflections (Mirror)


A full length play. Comedy Drama.   

 A woman’s dementia brings back painful family secrets. Her family must confront them and come to terms with their own pasts. In an age of trial by media how do we judge a lifetime against an event? A drama with comic elements.

SYNOPSIS. Jude the youngest of three children has returned to the family home to act as carer for his mother who is suffering from dementia. From his mother’s fragmented recall, memories of a supportive family existence are simultaneously emerging with a distant, darker, painful memory of when his family life was shattered by an instance of domestic abuse. Jude puts an apparently successful plan in place to help his mother and family address and cope with this. But as more information emerges it becomes apparent Jude does not have a full grasp of the entire truth. As his plan and world begins to crumble around him, his mother’s deterioration and financial pressures begin to impact heavily on all. When events reach a crisis, the emergence of a heart rending family secret may turn out to be the key to their salvation.

Nothing but a gasp satire play


Full length play. Dark Satire. 

Evil is banal. It creeps into the world by disguising itself in the everyday.

What here appears to be a typical office team building day begins to take on far more sinister connotations.  Let's workshop some ideas! How about interrogation and torture? Who would like to lead the exercise? 

Inspired by the "In Yer Face" theatre movement of The Royal Court in London. 

In Europe and South America fascism under the name of The Alt Right is rising. In America a proven sex offender is President and is using his influence to protect and enhance the careers of others like him. Reality and morality are being bent out of shape and the terms of what is acceptable in a civil society are being negotiated by people who are at best can be described as sociopaths. It sounds like a movie but this is the world as we find it today.

Delusions poster | Comedy by Actor John Scott


A stand up comedy show about mental health.

In 2017 John decided to come out the closet and declare to the world, via the medium of stand up comedy, that he has in fact been diagnosed with a fairly  serious condition for a big chunk of his life. It turned out to be a highly positive experience and he is still being asked to perform the show today. As much a look at how a crazy world can impact on all of us as it is a biography and examination of Bipolar disorder.   

Dissent Poster


A topical stand up comedy show that rips into the great and the good. 

A topical comedy show from 2016. Here's what The Glasgow Herald had to say...

"Given that we’ve had indyref, a general election and Jeremy Corbyn since the last Edinburgh Fringe, you might expect there to be more self-confessed “political” comedians around this year. Oh, a lot of acts will dip a toe in “UKIP are nasty” shallows, but it takes someone like John Scott to dive in head-first and punch every hideous sea creature he meets right between the eyes. Before you know it, he’s chewed up and spat out austerity, Margaret Thatcher, the paedophile scandal, benefit fraud, racism, class, homophobia, Mhairi Black and a sneezing attack on a bus (ok, the last one isn’t strictly political, but it is a great anecdote, so worth a mention). He reserves a special venom for Tony Blair and the invasion of Iraq but somehow, filtered through his comedy-club delivery, it doesn’t feel like a soapbox diatribe or a trendy-leftie ticking off: this is political comedy built from the grassroots up, an informed opinion column with a spiky sense of humour."

Purgatory / Rehabilitation Short Play


A short play and film script.

A man finds himself in a rehab clinic. For this part of his recovery he must make a confession to move on to the next stage. But is all as it seems.


A short Gothic piece with supernatural overtones. Here adapted for both stage and screen.

Cartoons | English Language



As a freelancer John is a writer for hire. In recent years he has been helping develop a cartoon aimed at teaching foreign nationals English language. These cartoons are low dialogue/ high action.

Outside that he also produces work for You Tube animators. 

You will find a selection of these scripts in the file below. 

Poems by John Scott



Just to be clear in no way does John consider himself a serious poet. However, he has been commissioned to produce them and has been published in a couple of places.

He recently completed 10 of them for an American publication. Here he was asked to produce something with a Dr Seuss feeling to them. 

All are included in the file below plus some other favourites.  


Fragments by John Scott



Every writer has their bits and bobs. 

In here you'll find the start of a screenplay titled VELOCIRAPTORS. It's about a bunch of undercover cops pretending to be criminals investigating a bunch of undercover cps who are criminals (Exciting we know!). 

Then there's a series of very short plays that were mainly written as an exercise but have some not bad things going on. 

And finally you'll find some comic sketches. The man is for hire. Maybe you'll find something relevant to your needs.